We work with a diverse group of clientele, many of which are business owners and professionals. Our service offering is tailored to those in retirement or approaching this life stage and many of our clients are multi-generation families. We have included the following client stories with names and details changed for privacy purposes.


Robert, now in his late sixties has spent the last 30 years building a successful manufacturing business. In addition to the business itself, he owns a beautiful home, a few properties and some GICs. He would be considered wealthy by many people. Robert is on his second marriage to Elaine, 64, also previously married.  Robert has three children from his first marriage including a daughter, Sonia, who works as a teacher in another province and two sons, Thomas and Paul, who have worked in the business since their early 20s. Continue reading →


We met John and Mary through an introduction from a longstanding client. John, age 61, worked as an engineer, earned a good income by most people’s standards and had a small pension. Mary, 58, raised the couple’s two children and took care of the family home.
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