Why Meet with Us

When we meet clients for the first time, we see that their prior experience has been essentially the same. Their dealings have been largely transactional, focused on product, with very little “big picture” discussion. Often times, little or no meaningful planning has been done. We believe that there is a better approach to financial planning and encourage you to experience what WEALTHdesigns.ca has to offer:

Fee based services

Objective advice independent of product sales creates transparency and reduces conflicts of interest


Our process is the result of 18 years experience and counting.

Tax savings

It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.

Innovative, future thinking.

Anticipating change and taking a creative, open-minded approach means our clients will always be well positioned no matter what life sends them.

Integrated planning approach

Ensures that all areas are addressed, that your plan is aligned with your values and that all your resources are optimally positioned to meet your objectives.